Talisman Social Media & Website

Talisman Social Media: Web Piece Promotion

Both my roles as a marketing assistant and web producer required me to promote pieces that were published on the Talisman’s website. To do this, I posted about the pieces on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In doing so, I assisted in spreading awareness and boosting engagement and readership for each web piece. We used the analytics tools that each platform provides in order to assess the content our audience was responding to, as well as Google Analytics when looking at which pieces were getting the most views on our website. My team was awarded fifth place in the Best Use of Social Media category in the 2020 Associated Collegiate Press individual awards.

Talisman Social Media: Magazine Release Promotion

As a marketing assistant for the Talisman, part of my job was promoting our magazine release at the end of the semester, which is one of our biggest events. Because the issue we were releasing was the sixth one, my team decided to create a countdown beginning six days before the publication date. Each picture posted would show a place on campus where students could read the magazine, ending with Centennial Mall where we would be distributing them. This strategy helped us promote our magazine in a fun way and we had a great turnout on distribution day.

Talisman Social Media: Instagram Stories

When working as a marketing assistant for the WKU Talisman, part of my job was to create microcontent, such as Instagram stories, in order to increase our audience interaction with our social media and website pages. Because the Talisman often creates Spotify playlists for our website, I had the idea to start doing “Bop of the Week” on our Instagram story. So, once a week, we chose a song from one of our recent playlists to share with our followers via our story. This was a way to promote the playlists we created along with increasing our followers’ interaction with us.