Talisman Magazine Articles

Talisman Four: “Beautiful Grit”

The theme of the Talisman Four was “Grit.” As a magazine writer at the time, my job was to write a feature story about something related to this theme. I was assigned to cover a traveling dance team known as “Bella Moxi,” which is Italian for “Beautiful Grit.” For this assignment, I was able to observe their practices and interview their coach, assistant coaches, teachers, and dancers. In writing this story, I conveyed the grit that it takes to be a dancer and the grit that Ashleigh Keefer had in taking this competitive dance team from the bottom to the top.

Talisman Five: “From the Ashes”

The theme of the Talisman Five was “Movement.” When I heard Carli Hughes’s story, I knew she would be the perfect person to profile for the magazine. Since her house burned down on July 4, 2016, she has had to experience physical, mental, and emotional movement. With the help of her family members and friends who witnessed how this event affected her, I was able to tell the story that has shaped Carli into the woman she is today.